Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Looking for a good quality kid’s helmet? I’ve got you (and your little one’s head) covered. My family does quite a bit of biking. Our daughter received this  as a birthday present when she turned two. She’s four now, and thanks to its quality construction and easy-to-adjust straps it still looks and fits great.

For some dumb reason, we cheaped out when our son was ready for a bike helmet, buying a similar style at Wal-mart for $15 when he was one. He grew out of it within a year, and the quality never matched this model by Giro. In the end, going cheap was a waste of money. The is a great price, especially when you consider that it will last through many years and multiple kids.

If your young kids or grandkids ride bikes (or just run around the house wearing swimsuits and bike helmets for fun), this helmet makes a great gift. And investment. After all, it’s covering some priceless parts!

Amazon has the  in stock and ready to ship! Good luck

! They are all so stinking cute.

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My son has that same helmet! We’ve been very pleased with it. My husband paid around $50 for it at a bike shop! I will have to check out amazon for our second son.

When each of our kids turned 1, they got this helmet for riding in the bike trailer. Not only is it a good price for a piece that lasts (my 4 year old still wears his), but it’s almost impossible to find another helmet so highly rated in safety for kids that young.