*HOT* OfficeMax: $.01 backpacks after rewards starting Sunday (7/29)

Oh, hot dig! The amazing backpack deal from OfficeMax is back! Starting Sunday (7/29), you can score up to 2 high-quality backpacks for just $.01 each after MaxPerks Bonus Rewards.

To make things easy, I suggest you make sure you are a member of before Sunday so you’re set to make your purchase with no hassles.

You will pay the retail price for the backpacks when you purchase them. You will receive the full purchase price back less a penny in the form of an OfficeMax MaxRewards Bonus in September 2012 which you can use at OfficeMax to purchase things your family needs or uses on a regular basis, like printer paper, ink cartridges, office supplies or household items. You can also use it to purchase Christmas gifts in the fall. Rewards expire 90 days later.

I’ll be back tomorrow with all the local school supply deals for next week. Find this week’s best Back-to-School deals here.

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By the way, I may very well do this deal again this year. (I currently have around $50 or $60 in Bonus Rewards to roll, *Grin*.) However, I wanted to say that I bought two of the orange Ful backpacks last year and they weren’t particularly high quality. The zipper on one of them broke after only 2 or 3 months. The other one is still around but definitely won’t last for all of this school year. I wouldn’t give this backpack to a kid who is ADHD or not particularly careful with his property. I speak from experience. Having said all that, it’s still free.

An awesome deal, to be sure. Staples has done this in recent years and just might again. Remember that rewards from the office supply stores not only have an expiration date, but CANNOT be used to secure future rewards. They are essentially treated like manufacturer’s coupons. So if you snag a $39.99 reward on a backpack and see a case of printer paper for a penny after rewards two months from now, you can use the $39.99 toward that……but you WON’T get the subsequent reward on the paper. I usually use my rewards for rebate items (Staples, Off Max) or printer ink. So unless you buy a goodly amount of rebate items, ink, school or office supplies, be careful not to accumulate too many rewards $$$.


Actually, unless this has changed in the last two months, this is not really true with respect to OfficeMax (ONLY, as opposed to the other chains). OfficeMax has two categories of Rewards:
(1) regular MaxPerks Rewards, where you spend $500 in a year and get a $25 reward (the terms are different for the Teacher Accounts); and
(2) MaxPerks Bonus Rewards, like this deal here. ALWAYS focus on Bonus Rewards.

I have been rolling Bonus Rewards for almost a year, starting with this same backpack deal last year. I have gotten a lot of free and $10 cases of paper by rolling Bonus Rewards. I have never had a problem using Bonus Rewards to pay for a new Bonus Rewards item a month or two later, and then having the new Bonus Rewards show up in the account.

Disclaimer: OfficeMax may change this AT ANY TIME if they wish. If too many people start to do this, they may just restrict this (which is why I am conflicted about writing this).

Also, you are correct with respect to Regular rewards. You could, for example, use Bonus Rewards to pay for any item in the store, but the amount of Bonus Rewards you used will NOT count toward your $500 annual total to receive the regular $25 reward. I think that is where the fine print of the MaxPerks Rewards terms is confusing you (and many others).

Also, I want to clarify that I have been rolling Bonus Rewards through online purchases only (free shipping with minimum $50 purchase, even if that purchase is made with Bonus Rewards). I *think* that it would also work with in-store purchases too, but I haven’t personally verified this.

OK, I just re-read the MaxPerks terms and conditions that I’d looked at 2-3 weeks ago. It does state that “MaxPerks Rewards” are excluded as “Qualifying Purchases,” and of course I inferred from that that they meant ALL types of rewards. Now I see that they differentiate between Max Perks Rewards and Max Perks bonus rewards. Now that I know it works for you, I will consider buying Bonus Reward items if I know I can roll that reward to a later Bonus item. Thanks for clearing that up. But I’m still mad at them because they cheated me out of over $300 in rebates back in 2003-2004 when they were a major player in that field.