WinCo Meal Plan — 15 dinners for under $150 (printable shopping list, recipes + more!)

WinCo Meal Plan -- How about 15 dinners for under $150? This meal plan is simple and includes the shopping list, recipes, and instructions on how to execute. Recipes are delicious, filling, and feed 4-6 people!

I am beyond excited to share with you our first ! This plan contains everything you need to make 15 dinners for under $150 — the complete shopping list, the recipes, and the instructions on exactly how to execute this plan. We’ve done all the planning (seriously, all of it — this thing took hours to put together) so all you have to do is print off the shopping list and hit your local WinCo!

These recipes will feed 4-6 people (4 adults or 2 adults and 3-4 children) and are kid-friendly. Each recipe is different (you aren’t doubling up on any one recipe, so you will have three weeks of variety) and can be prepared in less than an hour.

Check out what you’ll be eating with this plan:

WinCo Meal Plan Menu

See? Tons of variety. Different proteins, lots of veggies, not a bunch of processed food, and incredibly filling!

Here’s what you’re getting with the :


A detailed shopping list with WinCo prices. All you have to do is check your pantry and freezer and then hit the store.


Printable recipes. When you’re ready to make dinner, just pull out your recipe and prepare the meal. The recipes are designed to be simple — you should be able to whip a dinner in 30-60 minutes (and most of that time will be waiting for the food to cook!).


Instructions on how to best execute your plan and even a proposed calendar! We tell you exact what ingredients to freeze (the freezer prep part will take about 20 minutes) and how to best schedule your meals.

The includes all of this for just $3.97!

The printable pack is available to download right now buy clicking the link above! After you purchase the WinCo Meal Plan, you will be provided a download link. Click it and save it to your computer to access anytime. You can also print it whenever you’d like!

Our hope is that this will help you save money, save time, and make meal planning a cinch!

Make sure you also check out our new WinCo Gluten-Free Meal Plan here!

This plan is not endorsed or affiliated with WinCo in any way. It is designed for those without dietary restrictions, though you may be able to modify the meals to suit your needs. The plan contains 15 main courses. You should expect to supplement with side dishes. The prices and product selection were confirmed in the Portland, Oregon area. Prices may be slightly different in your area.

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I just cam across your website and then stumbled upon this winco meal plan. Im seriously crying for joy! this will be a huge life saver for me. thank you so so so so so much.

Hi! I just purchased the WinCo meal plan today (it looks great!). I was just wondering if this is something that is going to be updated, because I’d certainly be interested in a monthly subscription. Thanks! 🙂

So I purchased the 15 meal plan for 150, I used PayPal but was not able to down load. It said that the link had expired. I am on my iPad I’m not sure if that could have something to do with it. Help please!

Are the meals easy to perhaps make ahead and freeze? I’m concerned my family wouldn’t be able to make all the meals within a 2 week time period and eat it all!

Andrea: Most of them will freeze very well. Actually, as long as you freeze the meat in meal-sized portions, the rest should work. If you’re planning to spread it out over more than 3 weeks, I would just omit the fresh vegetables (like the lettuce, tomatoes, etc — not many of them on the list) and buy those at your neighborhood grocery store before you plan to cook.

I just shopped with your list last night! I managed to stay very close to the $150 mark!! Yah!!! I LOVE this Meal Plan idea… Please keep it up. The list was easy to follow, I didn’t forget anything, and I plan on cooking the first meal tomorrow night 🙂
Only thing I noticed… On the Monday meal of Simple Roast chicken- you list Quinoa Patties as part of the meal. I don’t see quinoa on the shopping list or in the recipes. Did I miss something? Thanks

This is awesome, Michelle! And thanks for the reminder about the quinoa patties. I omitted them from the plan but forgot to take them off the schedule. Sorry for the confusion!

I purchased the winco meal plan just now and was unable to download it to my iPad. Is there anyway I can have the meal plan emailed to me? I was planning to go grocery shopping tonight and can’t get the grocery list.
Thank you!

I look forward to trying this out! I do most of my shopping between Walmart Neighborhood Market, Winco, and Costco. Any meal plans between those three interest me.

I purchased this, however I cannot get back to the page to actually download it to view it. Any way it could be emailed to me?

Where I live, my only options are Wal*Mart and Safeway. The nearest WinCo is 3 hours away. This is such a wonderful idea!

I’d love one for Natural Grocers. I don’t know if you cover that store or not, but they are less expensive than New Seasons or Whole Foods. It would likely be more than $150 for 15 meals, but that’d be fine with me.

I vote costco too from this family of 8!! And we don’t have a WinCo in MT 🙁 I might just do this one though when I’m in Spokane in May! I can buy all the fresh stuff here:-)

costco was created for families like yours then 🙂
What I like about your plan so far is the convenience factor- like canned beans. Easy for people to leave it at that or shave a few pennies here and there by say, making their own beans in the crockpot. The recipes look good too!

Yes! You can definitely save even more if you make your own beans, chicken stock, and other things, but I know many of you don’t have the time (or desire) to do everything from scratch.